Math & Reading Center of Winter Springs

“At the end of 2016, I was offered the opportunity to open a Kumon Math and Reading Center, and I loved the idea. I have had nearly seven years of experience with the Kumon Program and its Method and have seen immense growth in the children enrolled in the program. We aim to grow children’s academic ability, as well as work skills and work to improve their independence and confidence in themselves. I began my Kumon journey as an Early Learner's Assistant; working with students aged 3 to 6 years old. I enjoyed every second of guiding children through the program and began to understand the benefits of the Kumon Method. After nearly four years of Early Learners, I moved to the position of Chief Assistant, working with older children, and becomingmore involved with both parents, as well as the lesson planning process. It was here that I got a sense of how the program worked behind the scenes, how important it was to individualize it to each child’s needs, as well as how the planning lead to progress. I look forward to continuing fostering success in the children of the City of Winter Springs!”


1196 Tree Swallow Drive • Suite 1324 Winter Springs, FL 32708